Making technology simple,
elegant and reliable

AVctrl is a consultancy lead AV company which works with architects, designers, electrical contractors, system integrators and home owners to make the technology we use everyday simple, reliable and fun to use.

AVctrl has many years of experience in the IT, AV and building automation markets and have seen most of the problems you are likely to face when planning, renovating or building your dream home. We know how important it is to listen to what you want and to design a solution which meets your family’s needs but also to give a little (or sometimes a lot) more. That is why we will meet with you to discuss your project and will never just send out a one-size-fits all proposal.

But most importantly, your digital home or business must be really, really, really easy for anyone to use.

Our first installation was back in 2005, we have been a KNX Partner Company since 2007, have been installing SONOS since 2008, have seen the rise of IoT (the Internet of Things) and have seen many different digital home technologies come and go. However, we know what is possible and more importantly, we know what works.

We want to make the technology we love to be simple for everyone to use.

That’s what AVctrl is all about. We look forward to working with you.