Digital Music


Sonos is the leading wireless multi-room music system, it has a great app for both iOS and Android and you can enjoy music in any room of your home. And because it’s wireless, there is no mess and no new cables to run. We have been using, selling and installing Sonos since it’s UK launch and it has just got better and better..

Listen to your own your music with full integration of iTunes and Amazon Cloud Player and enjoy all the music in the world via on-line streaming services:

  • tunein – Internet radio from all around the world, over 15,000 stations
  • Spotify – online music streaming service
  • Napster – online music streaming service
  • Deezer – online music streaming service
  • – Internet radio service
  • St Wolfgang’s Vault – online live recording streaming service
  • And many more…

Wireless Speakers

Sonos Wireless Speakers

PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 enable you to enjoy quality music in any room.

Sonos Playbar

Transform your TV by adding the Sonos PLAYBAR.

Your TV will sound great and you can play all the digital music in the world.

Sonos Sub

The Sonos SUB is a wireless sub-woofer which can be used with the PLAYBAR or any Sonos player to add deep enriching bass to any room.

You can also create a complete wireless home cinema system by combining the PLAYBAR, PLAY:1 or PLAY:2 and the SUB

Sonos Connect

Use your existing home cinema by adding a Sonos CONNECT or use your existing speakers by adding the Sonos CONNECT:AMP.

The choices are endless but everything is controlled by the same great app.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require any more information.