Vinyl is cool again – singles, LPs and EPs can be rescued from the attic and there are now many artists releasing new albums.

Streaming music is great for choice, practically and handiness but there has always been something special about selecting  your favourite LP, removing it carefully from the sleeve, placing it on your turntable and carefully dropping the stylus on the first track, then just sitting back and listening….

At AVctrl, we believe music is important and can really enrich our lives. It can and should be enjoyed at it’s best but that does not mean spending extortionate amounts of cash to achieve a really good sound. You can, of course, get the ultimate sound if that is what you want.

Pro-Ject Audio have been producing award winning turntables, phono stages and amplifiers for over fifty years.

ElementalPro-Ject Elemental is the affordable “plug-and-play” turntable.
A 5 star What Hi-Fi winning design.