ELAN g! and Heatmiser

I have just returned to a system which was installed about 18 months ago and consisted of ELAN g!, home cinema, CCTV and KNX lighting. Just a service call – upgraded ELAN g! to latest version and added a few new scenes and buttons to the lighting interfaces. So far, so good.

As part of the original install the client had installed a Heatmiser heating control system and the latest update from ELAN included full 2-way support for the wired and IP wireless Heatmiser thermostats.

Heatmiser UH1

All that was required was to route a Cat5 cable from ELAN controller to Heatmiser UH1 wiring centre, connect to the RS485 port, give each thermostat a unique address and run auto discovery in ELAN Configurator – job done.

Stat 3The client now has full 2-way control of his thermostats from anywhere in the world, schedule control and history data 🙂

To learn more, please get in touch.

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