Elegant Heating Control

We all need to control our heating systems so it is important to make sure that the thermostats are easy to program and cater for our changing use of the rooms during the day. However, thermostats are probably the most ugly and boring pieces of kit we put in our rooms.

So what are the options?

KNX is a complete building automation system and includes lighting and heating control. There are currently 339 manufacturers producing 8000+ products which all talk to each other. It is possible to have the KNX switch combined with an internal room stat or just an LCD display for a simple and elegant finish.

Gira KNX Switches

The Gira range of KNX room controllers combine lighting, heating and window controls in a simple beautiful solution. And because it’s KNX, control can be easily added from your favourite mobile device from anywhere in the house or via the Internet.

Heatmiser Neo Stat

Heatmiser neo control system offers a simple touch screen display which can control a zoned heating system. There is also an app for complete control.

Nest Stat

The Nest thermostat is still not available in Europe but does take the design of a boring room thermostat to a new level. Google though so too and bought them.
We wait with anticipation for the UK launch…

If you would like to see how we can help, please get in touch.

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