Kanto YU2 Speakers

At AVctrl, we are big fans of the Kanto range of powered speakers. A powered speaker has an inbuilt amplifier which means that all you need to do is connect something to it and press play.

The Kanto range starts with the tiny YU2 which has USB and 3.5mm connections and is best for your desktop setup. The YU4 and YU6 add Bluetooth and turntable inputs and the TUKs are just better at everything. They are available in a range of finishes and you can add a sub-woofer to add a bit more oomph to the bass.

On our last order for a client (YU6, 26″ SP stands and a SUB8) I added a pair of matt white YU2s for my own desktop along with a pair of the 16° desk stands, laptop is connected via USB and this morning (Friday) I’ve been trying to get a proposal done, however I’ve a little problem…

As you may know Van Morrison was 75 this week (31st August) and Hot Press (#RaveOnVanMorrison) put together a YouTube tribute with leading Irish artists performing Van the Man’s greatest. Some of the recordings are definitely at-home recordings however, most are studio quality and are amazing.

My favourite and most surprising so far is the Michael D Higgins version of Rave On, but I was stopped by David Keenan’s version of Slim Slow Slider. It’s set outside and you get real dynamics and soundstage.

The YU2s really perform great in a close-up, desktop setting, they provide a vivid soundstage, are very articulate and even have acceptable bass without a sub. Of course, add a sub and things get even better. They also really make video conferencing so much clearer and less tiring.

The YU2s will really enhance your desktop setup whether it’s listening to music, spending too much time watching YouTube or more serious conference calls. If you can, connect them via USB.

Please get in touch if you need any more info.

Oh well, time to get back to work… but Gary Lightbody with Miriam Kaufmann & Iain Archer just started playing Into The Mystic:)