Rediscovering Rex Bob Lowenstein

It has been a very long time since I posted on this blog and we have been keeping ourselves very busy making buildings smarter, but something happened recently which has inspired me to get back.

A parcel arrived at home from that rainforest company which was around 12 inch square, thin and looked suspiciously like a long-playing record addressed to Number 2 Son. It turned out to be a Foo Fighters vinyl LP and no2 son now wanted a turntable to play it on. Now I have a large-ish record collection but like most people around my age, it has been in the attic for a very long time and have no working turntable.

So, no2 son and I are proud owners of Pro-Ject turntables. No2 son alsp added the Stereo Box S amplifier and E-Line speakers which sound amazing for a very resonable price and I setup mine as part of the Living Room Home Cinema system.

Now back to the title of this post. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… while at Queens University, our poor student flat ended up with a Linn Sondek LP12, Denon PMA250 amplifier and Wharfdale Super Diamond speakers and walls lined with LPs. I spent much of my meagre grant (back when we were paid to go to uni!) at Knights Records on Botanic Avenue, Good Vibrations then on Howard Street and Lyric Hi-Fi on the Stranmillis Road. One of my favourite records was Marc Germino’s Caught in the Act of Being Ourselves and my favourite track on the album was Rex Bob Lowenstein. The only person I have ever heard playing this song on the radio was the late, great Gerry Anderson and it was one of his favourite songs. Having not heard it for years, this was the first song I played and yes, it still sounds amazing.

I love the ability to stream music from Spotify, TuneIn, etc. and it is part of my everyday life. My day-job is making music simple to access in any room of the house but there is a lot of fun flicking through LPs, selecting your favourite, carefully removing it from the sleeve and placing on the turntable, positioning the needle, letting it slowly fall and sit back, sleeve notes in hand and listen to the wonderful sound of vinyl. It is much more of an event and it has meant that I have bought my first physical music for years.

So, do I love tech – yes and do I love making it simple to use – yes; but there is a lot of miles left in vinyl and taking the time to enjoy great sound.

And don’t start me on no2 daughter finding my old Sony Walkman and a load of cassette tapes in a garage clear-out…

Have fun and let’s be careful out there 🙂

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