Controlling Sonos from Alexa

It has been possible to control Sonos from Amazon Alexa for some time. The Play One and Beam come with Alexa built in, but you can use any Echo device to control your music on Sonos. You do however, have to remember to say the right words in the right order.

You can make controlling your Sonos system from Alexa much simpler by creating Alexa groups. So, for example, instead of saying “Play Bruce Springsteen in the Kitchen”, you just say “Play Bruce Springsteen” or “Volume up/down” and Alexa also knows to turn the Sonos volume down automatically when you’re asking something.

Follow these simple steps to set it up…

  1. First you need to add the Sonos skill on the Alexa App and for this you will need your Sonos account name and password to link accounts.
  2. Next you have to run Discover Devices on the Alexa app or say “Alexa, discover devices” to add your Sonos players.
  3. Next, on the Alexa App go to the Devices tap
  4. Let’s assume that you have a Sonos Play 5 and an Echo Dot in the Kitchen. In the Alexa App there will be a Kitchen group which you need to select and then click Edit.
  5. Add the Kitchen Echo Dot to this group
  6. Make sure that the PREFERRED SPEAKER is set to the Kitchen Sonos Play 5
  7. That’s it, done.

You can take groups further by creating a group which includes a number of Sonos players for music, Philips Hue for lighting, etc and you can control all the devices at the same time… Party time 🙂

Check out the screen shots from the Alexa App for more details.